Steel fabrication

High quality steel fabrication services for the infrastructure and building sectors.

Steel fabrication

  • alfanar steel is primarily involved in the designing, engineering, fabrication and installation of steel structures for various kinds of infrastructure related to electrical power transmission & distribution and communication systems, industrial and building sectors.

  • With capabilities ranging from designing, engineering, detailed fabrication and erection; alfanar steel undertakes complete project or part of a project and executes them on a zero-error basis.

alfanar steel provides total steel structure solutions-right from designing & manufacturing to installation for:

  • Power Generation
  • Transmission Lines
  • Substation Structures
  • Communication & Broadcast Towers
  • Industrial & Commercial Structures

  • Industrial/Commercial Structure

    • alfanar Steel has developed an outstanding reputation in providing industrial and commercial structures, such as Pre-engineered Buildings Structure and Structural Steel.

    • We are known for our dependable deliveries while maintaining very tight construction and maintenance scheduling while special care is given to offer a very competitive price.

    • We design, engineer and fabricate steel structures for a variety of industries.

    Power generation structure

    • alfanar Steel is also involved in the fabrication and supply of Power Plant structures related to Outdoor turbine steel structure, generation room sheds, auxiliary room supporting structure and associated steel accessories.

    • Few of the Design, Fabrication & Erection Works for power generation structures include:
    • Outdoor turbine and Generator room sheds
    • Steel Structure for turbine area
    • Steel Structure for Generator area
    • Auxiliary room, supporting structure
    • Stack Supporting structure
    • Turbine air intake duct support structure
    • Maintenance walk ways

    Transmission & distribution structures

    • alfanar Steel is an approved Saudi Electric Company (SEC) vendor for steel structure.

    • alfanar Steel designs and manufactures hotdipped galvanized steel lattice structures for substations including switch yard structures, with or without earth switch.

    • alfanar Steel manufactures steel structures for:

      Transmission lines

    • 132 KV OHTL
    • Dead End Towers
    • Substation Structures

    • Gantries Towers up to 380 KV
    • Surge Arrestors Supporting structures
    • Post Insulators Supporting Structures
    • Bird Screens
    • Sunshades for Transformers
    • Transformer Steel Gratings
    • Substation Indoor & Outdoor supporting structures & catwalks etc.

    Communication & broadcast towers

    • alfanar Steel is an approved STC (Saudi Telecom) vendor and have designing and engineering capability, supported by the fabrication unit.

    • We design, engineering & fabricate the Self Supporting Squared Towers & Non- Penetrating Strut Supported Square Tower (Greenfield, Rooftop, Heavy Medium & Light), using Guy mast & TS Tower latest versions of software.

    • Four-legged, light and medium duty self-supporting communication towers

    • Rooftop, self-supporting non- penetrating cellular communication towers
    • Fence system for GSM Tower Sites Earth Masts etc.
    • Four leg self-supporting towers (light, medium & heavy)
    • Security post and communication towers
    • Roof top sheds
    • All type of antenna mounting system
    • Tower gantry and GSM fence systems
    • Guide masts, tower extension and cable guide extension
    • Railway electrification and Communication Towers