MRMU - Metered Ring Main Unit

alfanar ME6 units are Modular Extensible Air insulated metal enclosed switchgear, its also designed as a Metered Ring Main Units ( MRMU ) for supplying sustainable energy, protecting electrical equipment in secondary distribution networks. ME6 is realized with standardized typical units. During the design stage of the units we took into consideration the functionality, the simplicity of operation and locking devices and a long period of service with limited maintenance

Metered Ring Main Unit , type ME6

Technical Specifications:

  • Modular Extensible Air insulated switchgear , Metered Ring Main Units
  • Rated voltage = 17.5 KV
  • Normal current = 630 A
  • Short circuit withstand current: 25 KA
  • Short circuit duration: 3 sec
  • Power frequency Withstand voltage : 38 KV
  • Lightning Impulse withstand voltage: 95 KV
  • Loss of service continuity category (LSC): LSC2A
  • Internal arc classification: A (FLR )
  • Degree of protection : IP41
  • Functional units: : Incoming /outgoing units , Transformer protection unit