Load Centers

  • alf load center
  • ELETRA load center type Raysan
  • ELETRA load center type LD (European standard)
  • ELETRA load center type LA (American standard
  • Switches & Sockets

  • Switches, Sockets and Dimmers
  • Switch and Junction Boxes
  • Plugs and Protective Enclosures
  • Power Distribution & Control

  • Low voltage products and systems
  • Medium voltage systems
  • Substation automation panels
  • Metal enclosures
  • Package substation
  • Low voltage switchgear
  • Transformers

  • Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformers
  • They come in Rated Power 50kVA to 3150kVA* and Rated Voltage up to 36kV.
  • Breakers

    • Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
      • a) Plug-in type (Hassas)
        b) Din-Rail type
    • Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
    • Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload protection (RCBO)
    • Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)

    Cables & Wires

  • Building Wires
  • Overhead Conductors
  • LV Power & Control Cables
  • MV Power & Special Application Cables
  • Group Overview

    Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we operate construction and manufacturing businesses, design & development centers and a host of facilities in the Middle East and other countries.